The Museum of Modern Pinball

Approved by the Board of Regents and granted a charter by The State Education Department / University of the State of New York, The Museum of Modern Pinball offers a real-world approach to understanding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Museum's Pinball EduFun program presents an exciting opportunity to get hands-on with actual electronic and mechanical pinball parts, participate in formal sit-down classes with qualified staff and observe the inner workings of real, live pinball machines.


Featured in The Wall Street Journal ("Playing Pinball, Creating Whiz Kids") and Columbia University NLT's "Seen In NY", the Museum's Pinball EduFun program has been utilized by schools, camps and special programs such as NYU, PS138X, Brooklyn Heights Montessori, Florida-based St. Lucie High School and SCO Family of Services.



The Museum curricula offer creative ways to reinforce study topics with real world examples via engaging demonstrations of open pinball machines complete with magnets, electromagnets, switches, linkage, pulleys, gears, target banks, motors and semiconductors. Class participants will enjoy captivating presentations, pinball parts touch and feel, class discussion and free time to discover, play and explore the machines. Pinball machines from different eras will be on display and the history and technological advancements of pinball from the 1800s to the present will be discussed. For class visits, programs will be tailored to the students' academic level and learning speed after consultation with the teacher.


For groups that need to get started earlier, the Museum can open before regular operating hours upon request. Special rates for Title 1 schools are also available. For guests bringing lunch or snacks, the multipurpose room may be used with advance notice.


To take part in this once-in-a-lifetime field trip and for booking inquiries please contact us. More information about the program can be found here. Please note that museum classes must be scheduled in advance.


The Museum of Modern Pinball is approved by the Board of Regents and was granted a charter by The State Education Department / University of the State of New York in 2014. Modern Pinball is a New York City Department of Education Vendor (#MOD823743).


   Right Home Box  WORDS OF THANKS

"Thanks to people like you - people who care about children and the surrounding community - PS199 continues to thrive as an exemplary public school."

Kathy S, Director, PS199


"STEM standards, check! Pinball, check! Thank you Modern Pinball for being so knowledgeable and welcoming! We loved learning the science behind & playing pinball! Your energy was contagious!"
Suzanne S, School Teacher
MS167 Wagner Middle School


"Thank you so much for your time and consideration that you gave my students today. You made a huge impact on us and we will never forget
your kindness."

Richard R, Gifted & Talented Teacher, Valley Stream School District #13


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The kids said it was "the best field trip ever." Thanks. :)

Sarah H, Teacher, PS 48 NYC


"Thank you for accommodating our students and for the lovely educational experience. I already have a few teachers thinking about planning to visit next year."

Tasha R, Teacher, PS/IS 268


"The kids had a blast! I knew they would have fun with the pinball playing part of the visit, but what I really enjoyed was how attentive they were and the great questions they asked during the Edufun experience. Count on us to be back in the summer, and I will spread word to all of our other programs!"

Stevland M, Program Director
SCO Family of Services


"Everything went wonderfully yesterday!! My colleagues and their students really enjoyed the trip!! Today I have two other classes going there as well. I'm sure it'll go just as smoothly! I sent one of my colleagues there with thank you letters that my classes sent. Thank you again for your hospitality!
We loved it!!!"
Lisa P, School Teacher
PS 150Q, Queens, NY


"What a great experience for our Science Adventure Kids. Thank you for your super awesome pinball science! You rock!"

Sasha C, Director
Science Adventure Kids


"Big thanks for letting us take a peek under the hood of some of your machines, and letting us play to our hearts content! Great way to end the retreat!"

Maggie M, MOUSE, NYC