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The Addams Family Pinball Machine   The Addams Family Pinball Machine Playfield

The Addams Family: One of the best games of all time! Explore the family mansion and rack up points. Spell GREED to expose the family vault behind the bookcase. Watch as "Thing" grabs and locks the ball to get you closer to Multiball!

Aerosmith Pinball Machine   Aerosmith Pinball Machine Playfield

Aerosmith: Watch pinballs get thrown into the toybox as you ROCK to nine famous Aerosmith hits in the concert arena playfield! Go for SUPERRAMPS for BIG POINTS!

Game of Thrones Pinball Machine   Game of Thrones Pinball Machine Playfield

Game of Thrones: Rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros! Actor Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane (The Hound) guides you through the game.

Dialed In Pinball Machine   Dialed In Pinball Machine Playfield

Dialed In: Is that your phone ringing? No! It's the cell phone on the pinball playfield! Play one of the most amazing titles of the 21st century right here at Modern Pinball NYC!

Arcade Games   Arcade Games

Play our Multi Arcade Game machines with over 250 all-time favorites like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Defender, Street Fighter, Dragon's Lair, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Robotron, Golden Tee Golf, Gyruss and many more!

The Walking Dead Pinball Machine   The Walking Dead Pinball Machine Playfield

The Walking Dead: Intense zombie killing action! Press the start button only when prepared to do serious damage.

Shrek Pinball Machine   Shrek Pinball Machine Playfield

SHREK: Immerse yourself in the world of SHREK! You'll interact with all of Shrek's beloved (and quirky!) characters and.. ready for this.. play a pinball machine inside a pinball machine!

World Cup Soccer Pinball Machine   World Cup Soccer Pinball Machine Playfield

World Cup Soccer: You'll need to outsmart the goalie to score big Jackpots! Shoot ramps to lock balls in order to start Final Draw Multiball. Fast-paced soccer action for fun and engaging play for all ages.

Terminator 2 Pinball Machine   Terminator 2 Pinball Machine Playfield

Terminator 2: "You'll be back" for this. Pull the trigger to launch the ball from an actual sweeping cannon! Shoot the lit target to start Multiball!

Star Wars Pinball   Star Wars Pinball Machine Playfield

Star Wars: Destroy the Death Star! Fall in love with Star Wars pinball featuring a working robotic R2-D2 and more!

SPIDER-MAN Pinball Machine   SPIDER-MAN Pinball Machine Playfield

SPIDER-MAN: Battle Doc Ock, Sandman and other villians! Start Multiball and go for the high-value jackpot shots!

STAR TREK Pinball Machine   STAR TREK Pinball Machine Playfield

STAR TREK: Check out that rocking USS Vengeance on the playfield! Lock balls to start Klingon Multiball. Start Vengeance Multiball. Animations appear on-screen as you progress through the movie.. err... game.


Wheel of Fortune Pinball Machine   Wheel of Fortune Pinball Playfield

Wheel of Fortune: Spin that wheel! Call out letters by shooting targets beneath the contestants and solve puzzles. For BIG points, go for jackpot! Features hilarous speech callouts by the show's host Pat Sajak.

Slugfest Pinball Machine   Slugfest Pinball Machine Playfield

Slugfest: Play alone or with a friend! This modern version of the baseball classic is the last of its kind and considered by many to be the best. Choose the pitch and bat away! Run the bases and watch the fun animations as crowds cheer you on!

Scared Stiff Pinball Machine   Scared Stiff Pinball Machine Playfield

Scared Stiff: It's time to get s-s-scared s-s-stiff! Your very own Mistress of the Dark Elvira will charm you as you whack the crate, shoot balls into the coffin and spin the spider for awards!

Skylab Spacelab Pinball Machine   Skylab-Spacelab-Pinball Machine Playfield

Interactive Pinball Exhibit "Skylab": Unlike anything you've ever seen, this 1974 pinball machine was deconstructed and encased in plexiglass by Modern Pinball owner Steve Zahler so you can see what makes a pinball machine tick! Start a game, press the flipper buttons and even tilt the machine to watch the electro-mechanical processes in action. This is one of the featured demos in our Museum STEM Program.

Black-Hole Pinball Machine   Black-Hole Pinball Machine Playfield

BLACK HOLE: One of the most unique and fun games of all time and the first with a lower playfield viewable through a window in the top playfield! No one escapes the Black Hole!

No Fear Pinball Machine   No Fear Pinball Machine Playfield

NO FEAR- DANGEROUS SPORTS: Free climbing, water skiing, super cross and auto racing are just some of the extreme games you'll play while trying not to break any bones!

Gorgar Pinball Machine   Gorgar Pinball Machine Playfield

GORGAR: The FIRST talking pinball machine EVER. Can you beat Gorgar? This machine may be historic but it'll be no picnic putting up a high score. Go ahead, try!

Corvette Pinball Machine   Corvette Pinball Playfield

Corvette: Shoot the lit shots to race an actual miniature Corvette car right above the playfield! Start multiball, shoot jackpots and win races. That's how you do it!

Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball Machine   Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball Machine Playfield

STAR WARS Episode 1: Experience pinball like never before with an interactive holographic display above the playfield! Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe and battle in scene after scene on your way to becoming a JEDI Knight!

Metallica Pinball Machine   Metallica Pinball Machine Playfield

Metallica: Hit Sparky multiple times to fry him or feed the snake 3 balls to start Multiball! Shoot the ramps to spell METALLICA and earn big points!

Funhouse Pinball Machine   Funhouse Pinball Machine Playfield

FunHouse: Here's the all-time favorite with "Rudy" the animatronic talking head on the playfield! Stay in his FunHouse past closing and beware.

Fish Tales Pinball Machine   Fish Tales Pinball Machine Playfield

Fish Tales: There's a giant flapping fish atop the machine! Go fishing and try to reel-in the MONSTER FISH. If you catch it, watch that big fish totally freak out! (and oh yeah, get piles of points!)

Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball Machine   Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball Machine Playfield

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. All hands on deck! Ramps, scoops, an evil left outlane, bumpers, targets, YOU HAVE ENGAGED THE BORG! Can you make it to The Final Frontier? Get ready for battle!

Jackbot Pinball Machine   Jackbot Pinball Machine Playfield

Jackbot: Shoot the standup targets to complete the light grid and open the visor. Fill both holes and go for the 'Jackbot' shots! Play mystery modes for big points!

White Water Pinball Machine   White Water Pinball Playfield

White Water: Get wet and wild at Modern Pinball! Go with the flow and shoot crazy ramps, get the ball past Big Foot and go for the Vacation Jackpot! Lock 3 balls and start multiball for the ultimate splash!

Captain Fantastic Pinball Machine   Captain Fantastic Pinball Playfield

Captain Fantastic: Inspired by the movie "TOMMY"! Plays as great as it looks and features superstar Elton John. This 1976 classic will transport you to a time when pinball machines ruled the arcades!

Revenge From Mars Pinball Machine   Revenge From Mars Pinball Machine Playfield

Revenge From Mars: One of only two machines (the other being Star Wars - which we also have) with an interactive holographic display above the playfield! These martians are not happy. Send them packing back to Mars.

The Shadow Pinball Machine   The Shadow Pinball Machine Playfield

The Shadow: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Enter the dark universe of The Shadow. Lock balls and watch them whip around behind the playfield! Lock 3 balls and start multiball for double and triple jackpots!

The Six Million Dollar Man Pinball Machine   The Six Million Dollar Man Pinball Playfield

The Six Million Dollar Man: The "Man Barely Alive" is hanging on at Modern Pinball! Fall in love with Solid State pinball at its finest. LED scoring, sounds reminiscent of late 70s pinball and lots of standups and drop targets. Fun!

Whirlwind Pinball Machine   Whirlwind Pinball Playfield

Whirlwind: Wreak weather havoc by shooting compass targets while trying to stay alive through spinning weather discs. When you feel a giant gust of air (literally! There's a real fan atop the machine) and hear, "FEEL THE POWER OF THE WIND" get ready - the storm is coming!

XENON Pinball Machine   XENON Pinball Machine Playfield

XENON: A major hit in the 80s and the first game with a female voice! Try the tube shot!

































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